Bethesda Children's hospital intranet site

We created an intranet portal for Bethesda Children’s Hospital using Sharepoint.

about the project

Sharepoint 2016 internal portal system for Bethesda Children’s Hospital with the following features: document library, voting, calendar system, menu display, phonebook, useful links, news feed.

The structure and content of the company’s internal portal can be fully adapted to the image and activities of the given company. Most companies choose to create such an internal portal to simplify employee access to information and services, and to implement working methods and information sharing.

Client: Bethesda Children’s Hospital

Technologies: MsSql, SharePoint 2016, Windows server 2016

From: 2018



many different branching systems used to date are managed in a single system, simplifying its use significantly

automated processes

processes are automated to save time and work

always up to date

all workflows and data can be tracked, queried and displayed in the online work environment

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