custom developments
website development
webshop development
mobile application development

System operation

network and server architecture
2nd level support
enterprise infrastructure
backups and high availability


process automation
development of a developer monitoring system
micro service
rescue system design
CI / CD, continuous integration and continuous performance


code audit
security audit
SEO audit


brand design
offline design
advertising design


transparent ERP system for the construction industry
offer preparation in seconds
inventory management, storage
secure database
online invoicing, email service

Who we are?

Devwing, a constantly expanding team of 16 developers, who like to develop in a good mood, to good music, and who like to hack your system as a hobby, do all this for a lot of money, with documentation.

Their priority is not to give you what you want, but what you really need. They interpret professionally from IT to Hungarian and vice versa, so you can rest assured that the work process will always be understandable and transparent. No two individuals in the team are the same, be it a project manager or a developer, they don’t like things made on production line, that’s why everyone pays attention to help and make your everyday work easier, from their own perspective, so they can think of things that you didn’t even think about, but it will put millions in your pocket in the long run.

It is important that they feel that every project is their own, since they do not use boxed products, but their own, well-proven, hack-proof interfaces.

If you’re wondering why they don’t have the impossible, and you also want a starship, then contact them, in the meantime you can see their featured projects here!

What are we the best at?

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What will the end result be?

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confidentiality signature / sending a quote


contract, invoicing / work starts


project planning, development / measurement points / possibility of change


testing / documentation / training


support / safety

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